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Picture of wildflower seed packages.
Wildflower seed packages from Native American Seed Co.
Picture of dewberry flowers.
Dewberry flowers in garden.

Time to Plant Wildflower Seeds

Fall is almost here and with it comes the time to plant wildflower seeds.  Wildflowers make great pollinator gardens.  They are relatively maintenance free requiring little additional water, fertilizers, or pesticides and pollinators love them.  Our bees think they make some of the best honey.

Why plant now, in the fall?

Our summers are hot making fall the best time to plant wildflower seeds.  Seeds planted in the fall have time to grow their roots before the summer heat appears.  The other thing that makes fall a good time to plant is the rain.  We generally receive more rain in the fall and this helps the seedlings get established.  The plants will start by growing a little rosette that is hard to see staying low to the ground.  Then when spring comes, they will shoot up their flower stalks rewarding you with colorful blooms.

Picking the Right Flowers

Selecting the right flowers for your area is important for success.  One of the things to consider when choosing plants is the garden’s site.  How much sun does it receive?  What is the soil like?  Choose plants that are well suited for the selected area.  Native American Seed in Junction and the Wildseed Farm in Fredericksburg have charts that show the growing conditions needed for each plant they carry.  These are helpful when matching plants to the site. 

Preparing the Area

Before planting, a little site preparation will help them grow.  The seeds do better if they contact the soil, but not too deep.  One way to achieve this is by raking the area to expose the soil.  Next, limit competition from other unwanted plants by mowing them short or pulling them out.  Then spread your seeds according to the directions and press them into the soil. 

Ready to help pollinators out?  Let’s plant some wildflower seeds this fall.